About me

Me Paris

My name is Arturo Garza. I am a UX designer based in Seattle, WA, who loves making a positive impact in people through delightful experiences that makes them smile. I have a passion for problem solving, quality craftsmanship, and lean design through the perspective of end users. I specialize in interactive design and digital media, and have experience in multiple mediums, from mobile apps to video walls, including web and social media. Besides design, I love photography, traveling, cooking (and plating), video production, hot yoga, interior decor, and more. Pretty much any creative outlet that lets me express what’s on my mind.

About this blog

Every. Detail. Matters. This blog is about design, interaction, and other creative ventures, mostly related to the UX field.  Opinions expressed here are personal and unless explicitly expressed, I own the rights to every photo, text, graphic, video, and other items utilized in the posts. Hope you enjoy it!